The Great War – Exhibit

Texas A&M University’s Cushing Memorial Library presented a World War I exhibit, featuring the Aggie experience. It was exciting to not just be able to promote the exhibit, but to finally get to have a hand in it.

The centerpiece to the exhibit is a rescued Aggie Service flag that was sewn together in 1919 to commemorate the Aggies who served in the war (maroon stars) and those who made the ultimate sacrifice (the gold stars). The flag is far too fragile to be presented/hung for the exhibit and is disintegrating more and more as time passes. With this at heart, it was decided to embark upon photographing the flag and creating a reproduction that could serve as a presentable, archivable representation of the flag.

We also contributed to the exhibit (and preservation of materials) by reproducing the Gold Book from cover to cover. The cover art, including type, was made from scratch as a vector file so we could print in a metallic ink — just like the original. Every image on the inside was cleaned of dust and scratches. Even the type on the inside pages was manually set to match the hyphenations and line breaks of the original.

Finally, the World War I exhibit: