Scaling Design and Marketing

Texas A&M AgriLife employ’s over 5,000 people who are all working to promote themselves, their work, and AgriLife as a whole. How can a team of 3 graphic designers possibly create invitations, flyers, social graphics, gifs for that many projects? How can we slow down the constant influx of unplanned, responsive projects?

Multimedia Team Development

Over the past few years, we rebuilt the AgriLife marketing and communication’s multimedia team so we could make the shift from a collection of grainy cell phone images to a magazine worthy collection of photos and b-roll footage.

Website Management and Design

Our team is responsible for over 1,200 websites within Texas A&M AgriLife that we manage through a tiered system. Some of our work is making the web a more beautiful, user friendly and engaging experience, but a lot of our work is making sure the engine is running well.

Reports and Publications

Thank goodness for a childhood playing Tetris. To me, there is still no finer art than making text and images work together on a page. From book covers to 80+ page reports, bring it on!

Art Direction

I have a deep rooted passion for teaching, mentoring and leadership. Like… it might be too deep…

Graphic Design

I’ve been in love with translating complex messages into engaging graphics since Photoshop was only available on CD’s.

About Me

Sometimes the things we do on the side can say even more about what we are doing in the center.