On the Side

Graphic Design.

What happens when you love what you do and do what you love.

The Texas A&M University System


It became clear during 2020 that while the nation could have been better prepared for a pandemic — particularly after repeated warnings from experts — nothing would have been adequate to prepare us for an event of this magnitude. The response to any event such as the COVID-19 pandemic will include successes and failures. The Texas A&M University System recognized the importance of identifying both, to serve as a guide for future planning. 

The report is divided into seven chapters. It begins with a primer on viruses and pandemics to set the stage. It then provides an overview of the state’s framework for responding to public health emergencies and examines its various aspects, including the public health response, supply chain logistics and key pandemic support functions. It concludes with a discussion of how best to prepare for future pandemics. In each of these chapters, we include findings based on interviews and research and recommendations for improvements to current practice. 

Role: graphic designer/layout designer

Terra Firma Racing


As a co-owner of Terra Firma Racing, I was responsible for the marketing, promotion, and coordination of over a dozen events per year averaging 200-300 participants per event. We collaborated on a national level with XTERRA to host off-road triathlons and trail runs, and hosted our own 12 and 24 hour mountain bike races. I snuck in a race here and there as well!

Role: Co-owner, photographer, designer

Book Cover Designs

2018, 2020

Looking for a faculty job? Or how to survive one? I can’t tell you how to do it, but I did design the covers of a couple books that can!

Role: Graphic Designer

Huffines Institute

Role Designer