Website Management and Design

Website Management

Our team is responsible for over 1,200 websites within Texas A&M AgriLife that we manage through a tiered system.

  • Tier 1: key point of entry/top-level websites where we may or may not customize each and every component. Redesigns of these projects are considered all-hands-on-deck where the content and governance is handled by the marketing and communications team.
  • Tier 2: high-level websites with fairly high visibility such as the college’s department sites. These are propped up with a custom template, but the governance and content is handled by unit representatives.
  • Tier 3: websites for programs and smaller organizations. Our team provides a set of templates and plug-ins to choose from as well as training and resources so that the site administrator can manage all content and maintenance.

Our priority for 2020-2025 is to rein in the countless websites that are hosted on rogue servers and migrate them into an organized network within WPEngine. This would streamline our ability maintain and update websites across AgriLife, while keeping them secure and properly branded.

Managing the requests and expectations of this many individuals and sites can be tricky though, so we created a Sharepoint site (intranet) to help communicate with stakeholders where they might be in the queue with their web services ticket or where their site might be in the site migration queue.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Redesign

This I believe: (proper) web redesign is one of the most misunderstood processes by company leadership across the board. And it isn’t always easy to explain.

Good thing we’re also good at graphic design and able to show the overlapping process! For this particular redesign, we worked hand-in-hand with an outside vendor, NewCity, to assist with technical discovery, audience research, and much of the web development.

Texas A&M AgriLife Today Refresh

April 2022

While the launch of the 2019 AgriLife Today refresh served a purpose, AgriLife marketing and communications’s plan was always to beef up its multimedia muscle and make a push for more engaging visuals and better defined hierarchy. This was all done in tandem with a comprehensive look at the top tier AgriLife agency sites to ensure consistent branding, components, and taxonomy.

August 2019

Worked within an all-hands-on-deck team to redesign AgriLife’s news site, AgriLife Today. At the time, AgriLife lacked any decent photography, which presented a unique design challenge in the age of full-width feature images. Clean lines and typography were used to create a modern design that would be able to adapt over time as photography became a higher priority. The redesign along with revamped news and social media strategies produced a significant increase in overall media reach.

Below is the comparison from July, 2018 to October, 2020.

Role: Front-end Design Lead