Texas A&M AgriLife

Creative Manager.

Texas A&M AgriLife brings together the best and brightest in agricultural and life sciences research. Our team of graphic designers, web designers, videographers, photographers, and writers amplify the AgriLife brand through engaging visual messaging and story telling.

Scaling Design and Marketing

Texas A&M AgriLife employ’s over 5,000 people who are all working to promote themselves, their work, and AgriLife as a whole. How can a team of 3 graphic designers possibly create invitations, flyers, social graphics, gifs for that many projects? How can we slow down the constant influx of unplanned, responsive projects?

Multimedia Team Development

Over the past few years, we rebuilt the AgriLife marketing and communication’s multimedia team so we could make the shift from a collection of grainy cell phone images to a magazine worthy collection of photos and b-roll footage.

Crisis Communications

AgriLife served a significant role in Texas’ COVID-19 response. We provided free courses for essential child care workers, supported mobile testing sites across the state, provided millions of PPE, and kept Texans up to speed on the latest news related to COVID. AgriLife continues to investigate the shortcomings of our nation’s food supply, research the transmission of the virus, and work toward vaccines targeted for developing countries.

We created a graphic theme that was implemented across platforms to help our audience navigate our content.

Role Designer

Eye of the Storm – Hurricane Harvey Report

December 2018

Harvey was one of the worst disasters in U.S. history. It caused at least $125 billion in damage in Texas, ultimately, it produced the largest disaster response in Texas history. A year after the hurricane, The Texas A&M University System chancellor, John Sharp—who is  the commissioner of Governor Abbott’s Rebuild Texas—tasked AgriLife Communications with designing Eye of the Storm.

In this 82-page report, we try to create a clear picture of Hurricane Harvey. We document how the storm developed and how it affected Texas. We also offer a frank assessment of the federal, state and local response, and recommendations for how Texas can be better prepared to withstand future disasters. The report is both a record of a milestone event in the state’s history and a guide to “future-proofing” our state to mitigate the impact of future Harveys.

Role: Designer

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