Art Direction

I have a deep rooted passion for teaching, mentoring and leadership. Like… it might be too deep. In addition to leading a creative team, I’ve spent year after year teaching college level design courses, coaching kids how to mountain bike and serving as the race director for the Texas Interscholastic Mt. Bike League. It isn’t because I have an ego that needs to be at the top or in charge, it is because nothing makes me more happy than helping everyone around me grow into being their best.

As a leader of a creative team (graphic designers, web design/developers, photographers/videographers), we have a dialed-in workflow that establishes expectations with customers, sets guard rails for design limitations, and still allows ample creative freedom.

We use Asana to drive our projects from beginning to end.

When working with the team, the phrase I find myself using most often is:

I wonder what would happen if ______?

Lets face it, sometimes we give a design critique just to realize that it doesn’t actually work better!

The best piece of advice (that I think) I regularly give the team?

Take your work seriously, but never take yourself too seriously.

Texas A&M AgriLife

I have had the most incredible privilege of building a creative team that is absolutely oozing with talent. They make me look good every. single. day.

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