Research@Texas A&M – Website and Promotion

Research @ Texas A&M curates online research articles from the University’s colleges, schools, and System agencies. The site includes original illustrations and videos.

It is my job to curate the image selection that goes along with each published story. Every now and then, we are stumped for art to go with a news story and our graduate student illustrator takes on the task of illustrating the abstract, the bizarre, and the impossible. Visit the Research @ Texas A&M Pinterest site for an up-to-date list of illustrations.



R@TAM Article


R@TAM Pinterest

Promoting Research@Texas A&M

This jumbo sized 6″x11″ postcard was used to promote research@Texas A&M, a website that captures and delivers newly developed narratives by University-affiliated campuses, colleges, divisions, units, and agencies that demonstrate research advances, impacts, and successes.

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